End of quest prompt

dot_dittodot_ditto Posts: 487 ★★★
So this has actually bugged me a while . after completing a quest, we're given the summary of loot we got, and then 3 buttons:

"Return to Quests"
"Play Next" or "Replay"
"Open Crystals"

I'd like to talk about that "Play Next" or "Replay" ... 1 or the other pops up .. (and yes, I understand the logic of which shows up when ) .. however, it seems like I'm always wanting the other button ... would it really be all that horrendous to have both buttons there ?
There's plenty of room for 4 buttons .. assuming you don't want to give up the "Open Crystals" button .. ;)

Would really save a lot of time ... hoping I'm not the only one that's annoyed by that .. :)


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