One of your best champions you hate using



  • HeadrollerHeadroller Posts: 247

    So much potential for greatness.....if she doesn’t crit when she hits then she’s brutally boring to use ( L1 life steal and L2 power drain/steal)

    5* R4 duped sig 100
  • Arbiter2426Arbiter2426 Posts: 346
    Blade. Just feel like hes not as good as people say and his attacks just feel wierd
  • WhathappenedWhathappened Posts: 751 ★★★
    Proxima is an amazing champ but hate using her. She just seems very clunky as does Morningstar. It's taken quite a bit of practice to get decent using Proxima but champs like Void I'm good from the beginning.
  • hiddenblizzardhiddenblizzard Posts: 506 ★★
    I just hate morning star her animations are too slow and sparky too his auto evade gets me killed
  • KalantakKalantak Posts: 1,259 ★★★★
    Stark spidy
    I have to admit I fail at dexterity more often ,specially in war .. making me dead in 2 seconds. And then have to waste items n next fight he/I get it done under 20 hits
    I might be regret taking him to R5 and putting my R5 Medusa on defence,I actually didn’t die once in entire season using Medusa (when we had amped up global node)
  • Samspade23Samspade23 Posts: 549 ★★
    Quake. You gotta play her perfect but when things go right, she is a total beast.
  • mum_m2mum_m2 Posts: 1,774 ★★★★
    Gwen Pool. Her abilities stress me out
  • NEO_mr_AndersonNEO_mr_Anderson Posts: 1,065 ★★★
    Sparky, I have him 5* R4, but, I have problems evading, I'm always blocking.
  • Austin555555Austin555555 Posts: 2,891 ★★★★★
    I dislike using ghost rider sometimes. The only way to get his regen is his heavy and you need to hit it lightning fast and that's seriously annoying
  • ADDIS0NADDIS0N Posts: 900 ★★★★
    Morningstar literally makes my hands tired.

    There’s just so,etching about her erratic movements that make me press my screen harder or something.

    It’s sad, too, because I have her as a 6* and I try to play her in AQ all the time and it’s just exhausting trying to get used to her.
  • Toj37Toj37 Posts: 43
    edited January 2019
    Hyperion. Pretty strong. But an awful character in general. Even the way he frolicks into battle is annoying.
  • Ketchup1791Ketchup1791 Posts: 114
    X-23. I hate her animations. She feels to clunky in your hands; unlike Wolverine who plays very smooth. Her animations keep making me miss time things and... I just avoid using her at all costs.
  • Crazyjack719Crazyjack719 Posts: 414 ★★
    Blade, dont enjoy him that much but have benefitted from having him on my roster.
  • DrownedGodDrownedGod Posts: 262
    edited January 2019
    Scarlet Witch.

    Sure, she'll proc regen if you're down on heath... 3 hits before you take out your opponent.

    Too unpredictable most times!
  • B_Dizzle_01B_Dizzle_01 Posts: 1,570 ★★★
    DV. Just not a big fan. But he’s good.
  • NiteAndDaeNiteAndDae Posts: 670 ★★★
    Midnite93 wrote: »
    For me its nightcrawler i try to parry and he evades and that messes up

    switch to swashbuckling mode
  • XxLoganTDCxXXxLoganTDCxX Posts: 2,561 ★★★★
    Quake gets boring to play after a while. You do the same thing, but in a normal fight you have to evade specials, which is my favorite thing to do it a fight. Quake doesn't get to evade specials because the opponent never gets power
  • The1_NuclearOnionThe1_NuclearOnion Posts: 893 ★★★
    Stark Spidey. His movements are strange.
  • zeezee57zeezee57 Posts: 3,006 ★★★★★
    edited January 2019
    For me it's MS by leaps and bounds which is such a shame because outside of my top 4 or 5 5* champs my 5* roster is just horrendous. Was so stoked to pull her and went straight to 3/45, her evade seems so shallow to me that baiting specials with her is really annoying. Combine that with the necessity to build up souls before she starts performing well and I'm left waiting for a good pull to round out a full team of 4/55 champs.
  • ZzzZzz Posts: 154
  • CluelessGuyCluelessGuy Posts: 13
    Blade. The hype might have killed him hit he is a little ... meh to play. Trying to regen has killed him more than helped so I don’t bother anymore.
  • alikal1alikal1 Posts: 14
    Aegon for me. i can't play him well, for me is very hard to dex with him (still learning instead of parry) and after 30 hits i got hit, so no very strong. but i don't have act 4 yet so he will be veery useful if i can play him good 😒
  • Justin2524Justin2524 Posts: 739 ★★★

    His jerky sword action is just not very satisfying to me.
  • Marri_2Marri_2 Posts: 577 ★★★
    Corvus. Totally boring and an uninspiring B-character who had like 20m of screentime in 22 movies.
  • Lvernon15Lvernon15 Posts: 11,047 ★★★★★
    Ghost rider, I have him at 5-65 sig 170 but I just find him unplayable without blade
  • ZuroZuro Posts: 2,023 ★★★★★
    Just let the thread dieeee
  • Toyota_2015Toyota_2015 Posts: 288 ★★
    edited August 2019
    Zuro said:

    Just let the thread dieeee

    No, I refuse.

    For some reason, I always choke up whenever I use my Blade, I'm not sure why.
  • science22science22 Posts: 125
    I really don't like using Iron Man Infinity War, his abilities are so annoying. Throw in sp1, and then sp2 (hoping it'll be an incinerate without the stealth spidey synergy) and throw in his super long boring heavy. He's even clunky
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