Advice for recently pulled Five-Star Hela

I just pulled a five star Hela and have her at 2/35. I've struggled with getting great damage my four-star version in arena grinding because it is (1) difficult to get furies and (2) even more difficult to keep them.

If you really know how to use her well how good is she? Someone you can use on uncollected quests, LOL, etc., or just arena fodder? I have a rank 5 Hyperion, but that's my only good cosmic champ.

Any tips on how to use her best is appreciated. I've heard chatter about high damage from her since she was released but never experienced it and wanted to make sure I didn't waste a decent champ


  • TheSpicyKnightTheSpicyKnight Posts: 1,016 ★★★
    I think you would understand her rotation easier if you watched a YouTube video. I have her at 2/35 as well. You can take her into RoL with 3 BBs and 1 Ronan and just spam heavies and SP1s until you reach about maybe 15+ furies then fire an SP2 and watch as your r2 Hela is dealing a 20k crit on a medium.
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