Looking for a new alliance

My actual alliance is coming to an end so I need a new home.
I'm looking for 5x5 AQ and AW
I speak Spanish and English :)
Thanks in advance, have a good day! iuekcvonnwnv.png


  • Samar_1092Samar_1092 Posts: 46
    @Trevenorf I'll drop u a request in game but just FYI we run 5x5 aq n tier 5-6 aw
  • if you dont have any problem joining a little smaller alliance then you are more then welcome,
    as we are in learning phase and we have rating in silver 1 only last season so if you can join us and guide us regarding game, then you are welcome,
    alliance name -- ka911
    lineid -- stm_myth
    gamename - stm_myth
    and is quest we mostly play 4 3 1 as we have players of smaller level too, so if you can join then we can go to 5 3 1 also
  • Luckylefty01Luckylefty01 Posts: 126
    @Trevenorf I sent you an in-game request. 1Loki would love to have you join us. We use line for communication. Looking forward to talking with you. Line ID is Luckylefty01
  • AdrienneMAdrienneM Posts: 50
    Hi, are you still looking? We would love to have you on our team. My Line ID is adziemartin if you’re interested. Thank you!
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