Mid Tier to god tier

We all know about all the bottom tier characters people want reworked like colossus or khamala khan but what about the middle of the road champs? If u could pick any mid tier champ and have them reworked to be god tier who would it be and any ideas? I’d personally choose red skull I recently pulled his 5 star and he’s very underwhealming I wish he had great power control being able to completely power lock opponents if u are aggressive and hit them with specials quick enough or increasing his damage every time he drains power. That’s just my ideas I’d love to hear yours


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    symbiote spidey is one. if they change his awakened ability(symbiotic enhancement) to a real symbiotic enhancement like giving him precision cruelty or fury it would be much betterz

    another is the hood make his invisibility give a few more things or simply remove everything and give him a fat fury
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