AQ Ending/Starting Concluding Dungeon [Merged Threads]

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Has anyone experience playing dungeons where you are far in dungeons and it concludes your dungeons randomly and you got no rewards like you did not even do dungeons? but your champs are on a long cool down? it happened to me two times and kabam just says sorry and does not even give you rewards or anything.
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  • We'll be passing this along to the rest of our team. Thank you for reporting it to us and providing a screenshot.
  • jaymania82jaymania82 Posts: 24
    @dcp82 i had the same issue and kabam said the same thing its my fault but yeah aq finished and it ended our dungeons and we got no points. its not fair how kabam not only puts our champs on a long cool down but now i can use them again and have no rewards for the hard work. @Kabam Vydious is there anything you can do about it? because this will make a lot of ppl not waste there time doing dungeons.
  • Can you tell us what device you're playing on, the OS version, Wi-Fi or Data? And then also can you tell us what screen you see when this happens?
  • jaymania82jaymania82 Posts: 24
    it was the same screen on @dcp82 page. same thing happen when aq concluded it made my son and i screen conclude with no rewards. it seems like wen aq fnishes or start it affect dungeon play also and the newest iso on an apple device iphone 7 plus. wifi is working more then fine i run 1 g modem and it had full bars.
  • Thank you for the info! We'll also pass this along!
  • Hey y'all!

    Just wanted to let you know that we're aware of the possible cause to this and hope to have a fix on the way soon. Thank you again for reporting this!
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    In the last few days, each time when I was in a dungeon while an AQ/AW timer ended, the current room was suddenly aborted. The message told me, that I was able to complete "-1" rooms and in the headline of this message was the name of the AQ or AW map of the first battlegroup (in AW, we are in a low tier, so the map is named "easy"). Furthermore, in the box where usually only my dungeon partner is shown, all of my ally members in the first AQ/AW battlegroup are listed. Of course, this bug caused me to get 0 dungeon points for these runs, no matter how many rooms we managed to complete before, plus our champs ended up in cooldown.

    If I remember correctly, this bug was already in the game a few months ago and was actually fixed, but it is back again. Yey!

    Here are a few pics for documentation:
    incident on Jan 25th, 8:51 pm CET (notification for end of AW arrived):

    compare with the participants in our first AW battlegroup of that day:

    incident on Jan 28th, 9:13 pm CET (notification for end of AQ arrived):

    compare with the participants in our first AQ battlegroup of that day:

    device: LG-D855
    OS: Android 6.0
    MCOC version: v21.2.0
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