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Description of Bug: Taskmaster’s passive Photographic Reflexes ability is not correctly reducing his opponent’s Ability Accuracy. His Champion Spotlight reads:

Passive – Photographic Reflexes
• Each Unique Attack your opponent attempts decreases their Offensive Ability Accuracy by 10%, while increasing your Perfect Block Chance by the same amount.
• Each Unique Attack you make decreases your Opponent’s Defensive Ability Accuracy by 10%.
• Being Struck by a Special Attack resets both of these abilities’ effects.

Sentinel has taught us what is meant by the term “Unique Attack”. Unique attacks are as follows:

Light Attack
Medium Attack
Heavy Attack
Special 1
Special 2
Special 3

It’s reasonable to assume that in any sufficiently long fight (like ROL fights, for example), that each of the first 5 Unique Attacks are used pretty regularly. If this is the case, the opponent’s Offensive Ability Accuracy should be reduced by 10% x 5, or 50%. This would mean that in a fight with Void, Intimidating Presence (IP) debuffs would have a 50% chance to fail after throwing these 5 unique attacks.

We know that Void’s IP debuffs are affected by Ability Accuracy reduction as Domino can be a real threat to Void in AW if not played correctly. If Void is unlucky, there is a 50% chance his IP debuff or even Fear of the Void won’t trigger. This of course assumes that his IP debuffs are Offensive Abilities. If they aren’t, there’s a different discussion to be had, but the point about Taskmaster stands.
During a recent Duel Challenge, the goal was to get the most Parries against a specific Void duel target. This led to many very long battles with Void using Taskmaster. In reviewing the videos, I noticed that unless Void had a Concussion debuff on him (which carries its own Ability Accuracy Reduction), Void NEVER failed to place an IP debuff despite the description stating it should have a 50% chance to fail thanks to Photographic Reflexes. Given that this was repeated in many videos over some very long fights, I’d say there’s reasonable cause to believe Photographic Reflexes is bugged. One such video is below, but it’s not the only one I watched to test this bug.

If you watch the video but you’re unfamiliar with Taskmaster’s abilities, note that once Tasmaster has 10 debuffs placed on him during a fight, he becomes debuff immune. This means that after around 100 or so hits into the fight, IP debuffs will no longer trigger. This is not a function of Photographic Reflexes, rather a result of his “Learn the Foe” Passive ability.

Device and Version: iPhone XR
Device Operating System: iOS 12.1.2
Mobile Carrier: Verizon
Cellular or Wifi: Both
Game Version Installed: 21.2
Game Mode: Duels
Champions Affected: Taskmaster
Active Boosts: None


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    I ranked my Taskmaster for ability accuracy reduction from this and have found it not working as well, so would really like to get this fixed
  • Hey there, Taskmaster's Photographic Reflexes can decrease Offensive Ability accuracy and Defensive Ability accuracy but Void's Intimidating Presence isn't either of those. To put it simply, Offensive Ability accuracy is applied when performing hits, while Defensive Abilities accuracy applies when being struck in some way. Void's Intimidating Presence doesn't fall into either category and so would only be affected by general ability accuracy reductions, like those that you mentioned from Domino. Hope that helps clear things up!
  • Mirage_TurtleMirage_Turtle Posts: 1,051 ★★★
    That was very helpful @Kabam Zibiit . Thank you.
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