Parry, Blocking and evade issue

Kabam, what is going on with the contest lately......
The last 2-3 updates and possibly further back, like when the parry mastery was looked into and reset, the game has been nothing short of annoying to play.

I speak to a fair few people in the game and lots seem to be having the same intermittent issue where parry, evade or block doesn't seem to work 😔 I find it hard to believe that all of a sudden we have all become no good at timing any of the above as well as we used to. Personally, I hardly ever lost a life in AQ, until the boss anyways and rarely lose a champ in the wars, on route to the boss section atleast (and I know that is going to change the further we progress in the contest and the more challenging opponents we face) but not being able to do any of the above properly in the ally events is frustrating to say the least and making the game less enjoyable to play.

Any constructive info or comments are very welcome Kabam and apologies to all if there is a thread like this already in the forum that has been answered but I looked a few pages in and couldn't see one so started this one.


  • SassyMastySassyMasty Posts: 296
    It seems to me like lately the enemies slow down as they approach my block so I don't parry.
  • Mr_Holl87Mr_Holl87 Posts: 60
    My alliance and I have this issue too. Lots of deaths going on lately where we didn't used to die. And that's in every game mode, AW, AQ, EQ, etc. Just death everywhere. Can't even intercept the majority of the time either.

    I think it kinda goes hand in hand with the CONSTANT connection issues. Every time I'm on the game, it doesn't matter what I'm doing, loading screens are horribly long and I get the connection error message every time I click on ANYTHING.

    The game state is currently abysmal.
  • trmeccatrmecca Posts: 21
    I have a galaxy s9+, and as mentioned in the first post, it's been about a month now and the parry/blocking system is inconsistent at best. There are YouTubers out there like profhof and arni2 who in their videos showcase the same results. I also rarely die in AQ, we play map 3 and it's relatively the same throughout the week in the scaling difficulty. But since the last update, possibly the one before that as well, my parrys don't register. My AA is 5/65 so I can say I have a intricate understanding of how to Parry and correct execution time. The same Parry I would do before, only work 2/3 times at best, more like 3/5. Lastly, while holding block, somehow on random occurrences, I block will be broken even with my finger steadily on my phone. Not dashing back to get out of a combo, just holding block through the animation and out of nowhere, I get clipped by the end of combo.

    Please Kabam look into this. It's not my gigabit connection, background apps, nor dated device.
  • trmeccatrmecca Posts: 21
    Unfortunately these post get buried in the bugs section of the forum without ever being addressed. If this is a bug, it's also fitting to be in general discussion to get a senses of the community and if they are experiencing the same issues.
  • ChampioncriticChampioncritic Posts: 2,089 ★★★
    I feel like its an issue with animation timing once again. A light attack takes faster to execute than a medium attack. So if you use the timing that you'd normally use to parry a light attack, you might end up being too early for the medium attack, resulting a medium attack regular block rather than a parry. But hey, THATS JUST A THEORY, A GAME THEORY.
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