Gold Increase

I’m sure that there have been plenty of discussions opened before about the subject but the gold you get from EQ, story mode etc needs to be increased. And yes I do grind arena on a consistent basis but I haven’t had over a million gold since Christmas when Kabam brought back gold realm.
The game is unbalanced with the addition of 6*s and 5*s becoming easier accessible. Even a slight 5% or 10% increase would work but something needs to change.


  • TyEdgeTyEdge Posts: 844 ★★★★
    Gold is a bottleneck resource for a reason. People aren’t supposed to rank everyone. At any point in the game’s lifecycle, there have been natural chokepoints. It used to be going past 3/30 on 4-stars. Plenty of 5-stars should stay rank 1 or 2.
  • BooperXLBooperXL Posts: 38
    I understand that. But when I was a lower level player, I had plenty of gold but when the game introduced 6* champs and the ability to R5 5* champs, gold has become a priority.
  • Do the million battle chip challenge. You shouldn't need gold for a while that way. Plus you will and up with about 1500 units to buy more gold crystals
  • BooperXLBooperXL Posts: 38
    I’ve tried. Takes forever to get to a million battlechips
  • ZoFu316ZoFu316 Posts: 6
    For reals....increasing the content and price for ranking up champions without giving increase in Gold seems a little backward. Quest gold should be increased by 5x or at least in Uncollected. It takes over 1 million gold from Rank 4 to rank 5...without doing arena it would take months and months just to farm that amount.
  • BooperXLBooperXL Posts: 38
    Exactly. Uncollected EQ doesn’t give that much gold compared to what you need
  • KingCrooksKingCrooks Posts: 176
    For suuuuure
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