Alliance War Season Rewards for Season 13 have now been distributed. Compensation for individual Wars will be sent later today (Nov 20). You can leave your alliance and still receive the individual Wars Compensation. We are also investigating an issue with Champions stuck in AQ. At the moment Days 1-4 of Honor Rewards have been paid out, Day 5 and full Rewards are still coming!

This game is quickly becoming unplayable

I hope Kabam realizes people will just stop playing this game if it continues to drop in quality as has been the case lately. The constant check your connection issues is just one of many issues making this game unplayable. Another is lags mid fight. Another is I just went to open a crystal and as it was opening up the crystal the game crashed and closed. How the hell do I tell what I got? Wouldn't be hard for Kabam to implement a way to list your last x openings.

As bad as all the above issues are the worst one is the constant check your connection issues. With all the money Kabam is bringing in you would think they would be able to invest more resources (Hardware, Software and technical expertise) to fix these issues. It isn't rocket science. Yes finding bottlenecks can take time but believe me it is going to save a lot of us frustration and in the end will result in less people flocking to other games or past times.


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    So you think that they are not trying to fix this?

    How can they not have fixed some of those issues after 4 years?
  • Hey Starhawk, if you would like details of the Rewards you received from opening this Crystal, I recommend reaching out to our Support Team for assistance. You can contact them by clicking HERE.

    Alternatively, if you would prefer to contact our Support Team from within the game, simply click on the gear shaped icon, located in the top left corner of the Home screen. From there, tap the button which says “Support”, then tap the button that says “Need more help? Contact us”.

    With that being said, I understand that connection problems, lag, crashing, and other performance issues can cause a lot of frustration. There are many devices capable of running the game, and unfortunately, there isn't a simple "one-fix-all" solution to problems like these. However, we're always investigating any reports we receive here in the Forums and working to develop and implement improvements on our end to help make the game run as smoothly as possible on as many devices as possible.

    In an effort to keep everyone's feedback more organized, we created dedicated threads, which you can find at the links below.

    - iOS Lag and Performance Issues Thread
    - Android Lag and Performance Issues Thread
    - Connection Issues

    If you haven't already, please take a moment to contribute to whichever of those discussions is relevant to you by providing the details outlined in our Bug Report Template.

    Thank you very much in advance for your help and patience as we work to address your concerns as quickly as possible!
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