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STORY QUEST ACT 4 Chapter 3 [Merged Threads]

rock_balboarock_balboa Posts: 31
edited February 2019 in Bugs and Known Issues
Are you also having problems in the story quest ACT4? Any chapter 3 quest of ACT 4, when it has an ambush the game disconnect. I do not know what to do anymore, I've already talked to Kabam, and they "seem" to be unaware of the problem. My OS is a IOS. Please help me.

Thank you
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  • ChamwadChamwad Posts: 16
    I'm having the exact same problem!! C'mon Kabam!!
  • ImperiumImperium Posts: 6
    Same issue with Act 4.4.6!
  • rock_balboarock_balboa Posts: 31
    Hey there, could those who are experiencing this issue let us know what device you are using, what version of your OS you are using, and if you were on wifi or data when this happened? Could you also let us know what champions were on your team at the time and what quest you were in specifically?

    Device and Model: iPhone 6
    Device Operating System: iOS 12.1.4
    Cellular or WiFi: WiFi

    Champions: Ultron, Hulk (Ragnarok), Magneto (Marvel Now!), Venom, Captain America ( Infinity War). All 4 *
    Story Quest: ACT 4.3.6 and 4.3.1

    Champions: Ultron, Hulk (Ragnarok), Magneto (Marvel Now!), Venom, Vulture. All 4 *

    Thank you.
  • RO53TT1RO53TT1 Posts: 306
    This just happened to me today 2/9/19
    It happened about 5 tines in a row on my ipad so I switched to my android phone I had no problems, I'll include info for both devices and pics.
    Device-- Ipad mini 2
    Operating system-- IOS 12.1.4
    Mcoc vers-- 21.3
    Was on WIFI
    Story mode-- act 4 chapter 3.5 ace in the hole. The app closed several different times and would not let me get passed the ambush node, I had to switch to my

    Samsung Galaxy s6
    Android version 6.0.1 on WIFI
    On my android I WAS able to finish the path. yfksw0sot4fl.png
  • RO53TT1RO53TT1 Posts: 306
  • RO53TT1RO53TT1 Posts: 306
    Image above was first picture above that with my first comment was image 2, sorry don't know why it split them like that
  • WhisWhis Posts: 6
    Guys! Most of the ios users are facing this issue.
    Everyone who is facing this problem pls post it here (Only for ios users) :
  • Device and Model: iPhone 6
    Device Operating System: iOS 12.1.4
    Cellular or WiFi: WiFi

    Yesterday and Today
    Champions I used: Captain America ( Infinity War). Corvus, Magic, Killmonger, Nebula
    Story Quest: ACT 4.3.6 and 4.3.1

    Problem comes with Adaptoed.
  • L0kiL0ki Posts: 3
  • RO53TT1RO53TT1 Posts: 306
    So this happened again on a totally different path, but as soon as an ambush fight popped up and goes to the champion selection screen the app just crashes on my ipad, but on my android phone I can play through the ambush fight without issue
  • Just forget this path for now until Kabam fix it
  • Icem987Icem987 Posts: 11
    edited February 2019
    I have sent kabam ticket after ticket and no one is going to resolve this problem. I fight with the Adaptoid and game crashes. I already finished Act 4 chapters 1-2 a 100% with no problems. I also did one run through 5 months ago. Now Since we are not doing War I thought I try to complete act 4. What does it take for them to help and not close your ticket out if nothing gets resolved??
    I have had my game crashes every time when fighting Adaptoid. I thought if I skip the first one it might work. No! The issue so far are in
    Act 4.3.1 - 4.3.2 - 4.3.3. Wasted energy and units!!
    I Reinstalled game. I have everything updated. Enough space, and memory. Also didn’t have any issues completing act4 chapter 1-2 100 %
    Kabam why can’t you resolve!!
  • johnnywest11johnnywest11 Posts: 0
    edited February 2019
    Act 4
  • Don’t fixed yet.
  • June_14June_14 Posts: 2
    Device ipad2 mini ME277C/A
    IOS 12.1.4
    MCOC 21.3
    Story Quest
    All champs affected it seems
    Boosts: 50% XP
    Issue is middle path of 4.6, after Hulk, there's a symbiote cosmic ambush. Game always crashes before the battle starts. Even if I don’t hit fight after less than 10 sec, the symbiote doesn’t appeared when he choosing fighters mode and game crashes.

    In short can’t complete act 4 until this is fixed and don’t want to try other path because afraid I’ll just loose more energy and boost against tougher opponents.

  • June_14June_14 Posts: 2
    Sorry should of read 4.4.6
  • LordSmasherLordSmasher Posts: 1,232 ★★★★
    I reported this bug 5 days ago (in game). Quite frustrating and it appears often in the IOS thread.
  • ElFenomenoElFenomeno Posts: 14
    When I try to finish a line from there I recive a game crash. I see this bug when I try to fight with a mutant ultron.

    Btw, our S.A rewards? We don’t recive the rewards from there.
  • Excuse me. My MCoC is always crashing everywhere. Especially during fights. Can you please givr me a solution, developers?
  • I was doing act 4 for the first time completion and I noticed that on this path between the 13th and 14th node, there is a symbioid that appears. Whenever this symbioid appears, my phone crashes. It has done this for 5 times now. I have tried exiting the quest and restarting it and it still crashes every time. Is this a glitch? By the way, my phone works for everything else, it only crashes on this node.
  • Ben_27Ben_27 Posts: 5
    I’m trying to become Uncollected in Story Mode, I’m nearly there, so, so close. When fighting against the regular champs on regular nodes - not a problem. But I can’t fight Symbioids! The game just shuts itself down. Every. Single. Time. No matter what chapter I try to play I get the same results, I can fight the first two or three or however many enemy nodes then an “ambush” by a Symbo and my game just shuts down. So I’m currently unable to complete a quest in Story Mode.

    Getting pretty frustrated now Kabam. This is been the case for over 2 weeks now.

    I’m limited to Alliance Quests/Wars and Arenas which is not my focus.

    You’ve just released new content such as the Romamce Crystal, and say that the Uncollected can access the Grandmaster Romance Crystal but how can I when this stupid Symbioid bug is denying me the opportunity to acquire Uncollected status?

    In game User Name: Ben_27
    Op System: iOS iPhone 6
    WiFi and Cellular 3G/4G
    MCOC 21.3 - latest update
    Team: Medusa, Quake, Dr. Voodoo, TaskMaster & Archangel

  • Everytime a symbioid pops up in act4, my game crashes. Has anyone else experienced this? I would post video but i cant figure out how to post video in here
  • It is happening to me too. And its every symbioid that it happens on
  • Everytime a symbioid pops up in act 4 the game crashes while the fight is loading. I have attempted different lanes and it still happens each time
  • Has anyone else experienced this?
  • L0kiL0ki Posts: 3
    @Kabam Miike please let us know the status of this. We already wasted time putting in tickets. Customer service doesn’t understand at all the issue. How can we progress if we can’t complete quests in act4 anymore??????
  • That is happening to me as well.
  • LordSmasherLordSmasher Posts: 1,232 ★★★★
    I got the IOS 12.1.4 update today and error still exists.
    There is an ambush on the first node in 4.1.4 so there is no way past it.

    The fight screen loads and the symboid toon fails to load on his side and the game then crashes.

    Any update on the status would be appreciated.
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