Nerf Medusa please!



  • StarDarts_89StarDarts_89 Posts: 419 ★★
    Lol this post...
  • imaginejimimaginejim Posts: 333 ★★
    Heck, here are two old champs that almost everyone has that can counter her easily:

    Thor Jane: she places an insane amount of stagger

    Doctor Strange: he will counterspell her furies preventing her from getting to Living Strands.
  • imaginejimimaginejim Posts: 333 ★★
    Stop calling for nerfs. It is.. maddening.
  • DRTODRTO Posts: 1,261 ★★★★
    This post was made back in october, not sure why it came back.
  • imaginejimimaginejim Posts: 333 ★★
    Ah, because someone commented on it so it came to the top.
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