Missing summoners advancement rewards

Neither me nor my alliance has received our rewards from summoners advancement this week it is so far over 12 hours lates for when it is normally delivered to us please fix this issue if you can’t then just award everyone the top ranked rewards. We only made 275k in the summoners advancement this past week and should have gotten the rewards for 250k but haven’t received anything yet smzvethk64je.png


  • My alliance hasn't received them either.
  • Missing the advancement reward, and also the level up rank rewards.
  • My alliance is in the same boat. We were just shy of 400k in SA, but never received anything and some show that they opened SA even though it never arrived. We've got some pretty angry members who were counting on this reward.
  • LfCLfC Posts: 1
    Same here. It is 6:12am PST on 02/15 and still no SA rewards.
  • Hey guys, there's already an active discussion HERE about this topic. I've alerted the rest of the Team to this issue so we can look into it and get Rewards distributed as quickly as possible.

    Thank you very much for your patience in the meantime!
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