Did Kabam take the opinions of players before rolling the new War matchmaking system?

Dear all,

I'm a leader of 15m alliance. I have 30 players in the alliance that attack phase starting time doesn't suit them! While the new matchmaking system can be accurate (we never got inaccurate one with the old system), but there are a lot of things that need to be revised include the 20 hours for putting defenders and the attack starting time. Please allow leaders/officers to specify the start time or select when attack phase starts. The idea of signing up for next match can be good and can save time as you can sign up for next war during the attack phase guaranteeing that you will never miss a war during the season! But deducting 4 hours for matchmaking from the defense phase total time is not good. Also not being able to control the attack phase starting time is not good as well!



  • DemonzfyreDemonzfyre Posts: 11,060 ★★★★★
    So you are saying you can't get people to place champions within 20 hours? Sounds like a leader/officer problem getting people to place on time. Takes 2 mins to place 5 champs on defense. 20 hours is plenty.
  • HamedSOHamedSO Posts: 131
    Our main problem is attack starting time! Which is so early for many! And why we are not able to control this? 20 hrs to place defenders can be good without the too many quests Kabam is rolling now!
  • HamedSOHamedSO Posts: 131
    Matchmaking used to take few minutes to find a match, now it takes up to 4 hours (took 2 hours with us). I'm not considering this an improvement to matchmaking.
  • Tim2000zzTim2000zz Posts: 19
    The 4 hour matchmaking system needs to be exactly 4 hours later, 11am pst -3pm pst is 4 hours sooner than war usually starts, that's unacceptable, for the past 3 years war has started and ended between 5 or 6pm pst (2pm-3pm est) so why change everything? Make the 4 hour matchmaking time 3pm-7pm pst so war can start and end at the same time it always has for the past 3 years
  • Tim2000zzTim2000zz Posts: 19
    Our alliance, which has worked hard to maintain gold 1 for 5 seasons will he devastated by this extremely dramatic time change, it cant continue like this and NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED IMMEDIATELY
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    I disagree. Current start time is much more euro-friendly. Previously, some wars started in the late evening CET, resulting in a loss of 12 hours. Today, I could finally enter war when attack phase started.
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    Euro friendly and not US friendly Colonaut. What I'm trying to say is every alliance should be allowed to start war its own time! Typically like AQ. So the system is friendly for all, Euro, US, Asian, Middle East...etc.
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    For a company based in Canada, why focus on making the timing more euro friendly? Why not a friendly time for Asian populations? Why in the middle of the working day for North American populations? Under this system, whatever time they chose would ultimately be better for one area and less desirable for another. Not sure why the change to set times is needed when it impacts everyone so differently.
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    We are currently a primarily US-based alliance that are paired up with an Indonesian-based alliance clearly are attack phases are like night and day......like what I did there? ;)

    Point being, if your attack phase starts at night, and you wake up to go to a job throughout the day, then how is that fair for either of us? (unless you play MCOC at your job instead of working)
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    It's a horrifically ignorant setup for sure
  • Tim2000zzTim2000zz Posts: 19
    My alliance has people all over the world, every timezone, yet we managed to make it work at the previous start time, it took years of adjusting schedules and paths to finally get to a point that worked for everyone. 3 years of work! They cant just change the start time, not after we've all adjusted our lives to fit the current schedule!
  • Tim2000zzTim2000zz Posts: 19
    Maybe add multiple matchmaking times, 10am-2pm pst or 3pm-7pm pst, that way kabam can still ensure each group of wars end at the same time, while still allowing us to start during the matchmaking window of our choice.
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    edited February 2019
    Seguro este periodo de prueba pre temporada sea lo necesario para que kabam redireccione este nuevo metodo.esperemos que asi sea. El poder controlar el horario es indispensable para las alianzas y su optimo desempeño.
  • HamedSOHamedSO Posts: 131
    One of the forum moderators need to promise us he will raise the issue to the concerned team please!
  • HamedSOHamedSO Posts: 131
    Time2000, I agree. They can't simply change starting time like this! It took long time for each alliance to adjust to the old system and select what best works for them.
  • TrcTrc Posts: 23
    Not only is the starting time early, it is not set. If I read it correctly matching making starts at 11am cst and end at 3pm eat and war can start at anytime during that window.
  • Morpheus123Morpheus123 Posts: 6
    Need to re back the old system or change how we start war. Need to be allowed to start it by ourselves.
  • DOA40DOA40 Posts: 94
    I agree.

    I’m in an Alliance where a lot of players are overseas. While those of us who are in America don’t have a lot of problems, they are asleep when the War is running down.

    And this new War we got into this time started WAY too early. By the time most of our American players woke up, the War was almost over.

    Seriously, AW placement and battling needs to be returned to the way it was before. This new way of doing it is horrible and is going to cause a lot of problems for Alliances that are a mix of American and Overseas players.
  • Tim2000zzTim2000zz Posts: 19
    If they made placement a full 24 hours, it would fix the problem, not that we need a full 24 hours to place, it's just that we need attack to start 4 hours later, like it always has for the past 3 years
  • Tim2000zzTim2000zz Posts: 19
    That or make the 4 hour matchmaking process start 4 hours later than it does right now and keep the 20 hour placement, either way, we need attack to start and end 4 hours later
  • Colonaut123Colonaut123 Posts: 2,483 ★★★★
    HamedSO wrote: »
    Euro friendly and not US friendly Colonaut. What I'm trying to say is every alliance should be allowed to start war its own time! Typically like AQ. So the system is friendly for all, Euro, US, Asian, Middle East...etc.

    Well that's not going to happen, it is called the laws of physics. So compromises have to be made. A lot of European players got disadvantaged for years. I really think North Americans shouldn't complain.
  • Colonaut, saying the starting time is Euro friendly is a gross generalisation. I live in Europe and the new starting time is terrible for my alliance, as the starting and ending time of the fight phase is in the middle of the afternoon, when most people are working.

    In fact, I lead a multi-zone alliance and this starting time is bad for almost every one as EU members are working and a lot of American members haven't even gotten up.

    Definitely not being able to choose the starting time is a huge step backwards.
  • HamedSOHamedSO Posts: 131
    Can we all email the support by using the in-game setting/support? Need to ensure our voices are heard!
  • AhmAhm Posts: 4
    Agree, we need to be able to choose when the war will star.
  • ScottryanScottryan Posts: 374
    The times.are trash. I understand you are trying to fix the matchmakin but please change the time to something closer to it was before
  • HamedSOHamedSO Posts: 131
    Any word from the moderators?
  • We are right there with ya. This is horrible!
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