Does anyone have tips on how to utilise ghost to her maximum potential.


  • Raiden141Raiden141 Posts: 27
    edited February 17
    Use evade and block as much as possible, Ghost is best at wearing down stronger enemies over time so try not to put yourself into risky situations where the opponent could get you in a massive combo this advice is most useful against champs with a stun or dot effect it is also good for champs with unstoppable but slightly less so than the other two
  • simolazsimolaz Posts: 185
    Use her phasing.
    Slide back, wait for the opponent to attack you, and hit him with MLLL immediately after he misses. Instead of concluding a 5 hits combo, slide back again and repeat the process.
    You can avoid a lot of blocking damage by playing this way.
    When you have your S2 loaded just parry, heavy, slide back fastly and unleash it.

    Of course this is just the basic approach, there are a lot of particular situations where you can discover better gameplays from her. But this applies to the average opponent and is the base to learn how to use her effectively.

    When you learn it I can guarantee there is no character like her.
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