Need a moderator or someone to help

I’ve been waiting for my rewards from the 14/15 of February from the issue that has supposedly been fixed And still haven’t received them, the alliance I was in had to boot me to get a new member in for war and wouldn’t give me more time to wait, every ticket I submitted gets the same auto reply that my rewards are on the way but they aren’t, it’s been far to many days. If there any actually people here that work for Kabam


  • Unfortunately you need to have stayed within the alliance for the payout in order to get these rewards. If you are no longer in the alliance and the payout has been made since then, you will not receive them.
  • Son_GokuSon_Goku Posts: 4
    I tried to stay in the alliance but the issue/ Delay was so long that the leader/officer felt that they would miss a war so I was removed

    I’ve seen post of Kabam support sending the rewards to members after being kick just before the event ended, like in war season, this is no different, I did my part and was kicked, there for unable to get the rewards for events that had already ended
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