Taskmaster Suggestion

I recently pulled taskmaster and I was looking through his abilities and I thought about something that might make him easier to use/fight, and that was to make his passive abilities actually show up on the screen as you fight.

For example, for the ability that reads "Each Unique Attack your opponent attempts decreases their offensive ability accuracy by 10%, while increasing your perfect block chance by the same amount" Taskmaster would proc a permanent passive affect on himself, up to a total of 5 (light, medium, heavy, sp1, sp2), and for the ability that reads "Each Unique attack you make decreases your opponent'd defensive ability accuracy by 10%" Taskmaster would proc a permanent passive affect on the opponent, up to a total of 6 (light, medium, heavy, sp1, sp2, and sp3). All of the passive affects would be removed if taskmaster is hit with a special.

It would also be helpful to have an "immunity charge" that builds up based on the "Learn the Foe" that builds by 10 each time a debuff is placed on him that would be converted to an "immunity passive affect" once the charges reach 100.

All of this would just be extremely helpful while playing the character or fighting the character to know exactly how much ability accuracy reduction to expect on any hit. This wouldn't be a buff, just a visualization of the abilities he already has.


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    Even better: turn those effects into passive debuffs.
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