Fun & organised alliance recruiting

War and Quest focussed ally. Looking to replace a few guys that need constant babysitting and struggling at this level.

Our alliance formed just over 3 months ago and we finished last season comfortably in gold 2. Aiming to get to gold 1.

No event minimums, aq 5x4.. typically score 70m (~3k rank rewards)

Alliance is ideally suited to vets who want to slow down from map5/6 or good newer players looking to improve. We’re looking for players who can clear their path in aq and aw without giving silly kills away and don’t need chasing to get nodes down. We have plenty of players available for help and advice.

We have a few really good end game players and some lower ranked guys with good skill.

Line app used for communication and banter.

Line ID - Powerofpain1001


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