Help Moving Account from Android to IOS

I've been trying to do this for some time as my Android device is quite long in the tooth (Galaxy s5).

The account is logged in using Google Play Games. I want to be able to log into this account on my IOS device. Is this possible? If so what would I need to do? I looked up Google Play Games for IOS and it seems that support for IOS was dropped a couple of years ago. So how would I be able to play on my IOS with that account?

I also tried to link my e-mail address to it but all that happened was a new account was created.

Thanks for any help you can give.


  • AceLuffySaboAceLuffySabo Posts: 283 ★★
    Well the players here won't be able to help you anyhow. You should write a ticket to support (you get there by tapping on the gear in the top left corner in the game and then on support) and then proceed by telling them about your specific issue.

    I once had a similar problem; my Google Mail was connected to my account but I was missing a Kabam account and just like you I could not link one to it as it would just create a completely new account. Anyways, I send them a ticket and was able to solve that problem.
  • JohnPaulBusuJohnPaulBusu Posts: 82
    I think if you link your kabam account to the current account you are playing on android you can then log in with your kabam account on iOS and have the same account that you have on the android device
  • Hey Shaedow, for guidance on how to transfer your game progress to a different device, please check out THIS article.

    If you require further assistance with this process, I recommend reaching out to our Support Team by tapping on “Need more help? Contact us”, located at the bottom of that page.
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