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So about 30 minutes ago, I posted a sarcastic little joke post about Kabam restricting 4* characters and posted my own personal 6* collection which is pretty bad. It was intended as a joke and a little bit of a jab at Kabam.

That said, I recently just checked to see if there had been any activity on that post as I initially saw a few likes/LOL's, but when I checked again, my post was deleted. There was no message from Kabam stating that I broke their terms of service or posting rules, there was no vulgarity etc. I simply made a joke about their recent decision and they respond by deleting that post without any notice whatsoever. Is this seriously how you are going to conduct yourself now Kabam? Silencing people who disagree with your decision and not even being forward enough to give some notice about it? Wow.


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    Limiting speech? it's their forum.......jeezes
  • Limiting speech? it's their forum.......jeezes

    That's... not how it works.
    It's technically their forum as it's their game yes, but it's an open forum for players to discuss, ask questions, post memes etc. They have strict guidelines players must abide by and if they break them, they get warnings and eventually get banned. I did none of those such things, so to have it deleted without feedback from Kabam as to why, especially given the context of my original post, it's rather shady.
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    If you check comments under your profile, you will find out that your post is still there, just has been moved to "Witness the Great Revival! Act 6 Chapter 1 - Coming March 13th" thread
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    Hey there, if a new thread is created for a a topic that already has an active discussion thread going for it, it will sometimes be merged into the existing thread. This helps to keep all the feedback in one place where it is easier to find and also keeps the forum from getting cluttered with multiple posts about the same topic. Hope that helps clear things up!
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