Not a 4 star champion in month and half

I been the leading sa for month and half now in my alliance n yet to get another 4 star champion im tried of gettin 2 star champion kabam stop bein so cheap with the four star champions like month n half is long enough not to get a four star also the leader of sa in my alliance for month and half im really frustrated wit this


  • Bigdrail93Bigdrail93 Posts: 48
    Hate to say it but you need a better alliance. My Ally is middle of the pack and we still get at least one a week.
  • Doctor_Tachyon11Doctor_Tachyon11 Posts: 25
    whats the best alliance rating to join to get one a week?
  • VartoxVartox Posts: 202
    My alliance gets atleast 1, sometimes 2, a week
  • SungjSungj Posts: 1,934 ★★★★
    It takes time to get to the level where you are constantly getting four stars, you need to grind arenas to grow your roster and find a better alliance to bolster your progress. I on average pull 1 or 2 four stars a week and the weeks where I hard grind arensa its anywhere from 3-4. You just have to keep playing, this games a long grind and you have to go along with it.
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