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Nick Fury bug

I was fighting master nick fury and crashed. When I opened the game and the fight resumed he was stun immune and degening, even though I never triggered his sig. I attempted to replicate this and I got these results.
• The Degen and stun immunity only lasts for the fight started right after you reboot the game
• his sig ability will still trigger once you KO him for the first time
There are two major effects of this bug that I can think of
1. This could be exploited to make Fury easier to fight
2. If the bug applies to people using Fury as well, if they crash while using him they would have Degen when they restart the game


  • Asto03Asto03 Posts: 36
    Here’s a screenshot shot of my fight showing the bug. Fury has his Degen while still having a charge left.

  • ILovePoniesILovePonies Posts: 158
    Thats pointless hes not even hard to kill anyway
  • HaminHamin Posts: 2,444 ★★★★★

    Thats pointless hes not even hard to kill anyway

    Holding you to this.

    I want to see you killing a 4/55+ on debuff immune.
  • HaminHamin Posts: 2,444 ★★★★★
    OP, I addressed this a few days ago.

    You can exploit NF by quitting the fight right when he regens.
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