Zoom in at the start of the fight

Hello, I recently got the Razer phone 2 and its been giving me the same problem at the start of each fight, the game zooms in at the champions and makes it extremely hard to parry the enemy. This hasn't happened to me before with my old devices. Has this happened to anyone else?


  • Hi there!

    Is there any chance you can get us a video of what is happening so we can better understand what is happening? Thank you in advance.
  • Snake_eaterSnake_eater Posts: 67
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    Here's the link to the video
  • Snake_eaterSnake_eater Posts: 67
    It doesn't do this against bigger enemies such as sentinel
  • Flash_GordonFlash_Gordon Posts: 122
    Happens randomly on me too. Once triggered, it appears every fight. After a restart it doesn't happen anymore.
    Huawei mate 10 pro
    Android 9.0
  • Leiva_darkLeiva_dark Posts: 262
    same here, happens 1 or 2 times in the day the only way is at the moment to solve is to close and open the game again. but that should not be the solution.
    Samsung s7
    android 6.0
    latest version of the game,
    it happens with wifi and data.
  • Crine60Crine60 Posts: 258
    Happened to me twice in a row in aw just now. Cost me 1.5 champs. Movement and zoom is very jerky once fight starts as well.
  • Snake_eaterSnake_eater Posts: 67
    edited April 1
    The zooming in problem was fixed on the newest update but the update for some reason also started to make my game lag in each fight
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