Reporting a Series of bugs

I take it pointing out bugs is considered 'constructive' and for that reason alone this post is not deleted.
I would like to report a series of bugs I have encountered in the contest both in last couple of days and some that has been observed for a while and some might be already reported . However I don't have time to check each of them.
Now, players who do not encounter this problem please don't find the need to comment on it, this post is meant to call attention to these issues and thus we may find a solution to this soon . Also I have been playing for 3 years so any arguments based on me being a noob should be nullified . Thank you.

1) While being hit with first part of a special attack, if it makes contact , the entire attack should hit the opponent. But I have observed that many times , especially in war that the AI even when hit with first part of a heavy, recovers impossibly fasts and 'parry'-ies the 2nd part of the attack. This is an impossible mechanic that allows AI to counter our special immediately . Note that the player has no say in the timing of 2nd or 3rd parts of a special we can only control when to fire a multi part special and not when each part is to hit.

Mephisto: I have been able to get hit by mephisto l1 flames and still recover to dex it. Same goes for AI it gets hit by the flames and then parries or dexes the 2nd part of it.

Stark Spidey: first kick made unmistakable contact and damage while his web shots were parried by the AI . Parried by Medusa and IM IW once.

Observed in : Arena, War, Uncollected MQ
date: Since last year but more prominent since january

if the AI can do it, so should the player or should be completely unrecoverable mid special.

2) Attacks not making contact:
I have been witnessing first medium, first light, dash attacks of many champions completely missing the opponent . Be it while intercepting the target, parry them and hitting them before stun wears off or dashing at an unguarded opponent. Moves that should be perfectly making contact is missing .
Observed in : Arena
Champs : DD classic, AA heavy, voodoo, gamora, Yellow jacket , civil warrior (I think) , and many more champs
date: 28-02-2019

3) Arc Angel's heavy parried:
Like no2 . I had an issue where I used a heavy by Arc Angel on classic DD where he blocked my hit, the first part of heavy went through and put a bleed on him while the second and third actually was "Parried" , I do not believe there to be a mastery or ability that can make this viable . Stand your ground only blocks the attack it should never trigger parry. It was baffling.

4) Changing Special attack ranges:

Some champs like Killmonger has varying special range , his sp1 target where player stands and that range thus varies.
However Luke cage and captain america world war's level 1 should not. Sometimes it falls short if they use it away from you or you "put space" (not dex) between you but sometimes they lunge half way across the screen.

I have only observed the AI to do this, if it is supposed to be a varying range move, it should be so when player uses it as well.

5) Daredevil 2nd medium

Sorry to say that this guy's second medium timing is completely off and is very difficult to weave in with a combo . Netflix version depends exclusively on parry-medium armour break - parry or similar tactics and this is very hard to achieve with this timing and should be fixed like you fixed Wolverine, Spiderman s 2nd medium.

6) Connection Issues and load screen : Observing 6 minutes to the point of restarting game after each 2 minute or so fight. and connection issues.... Need I say more.

7) Parry : If the timing is changed then why does it not register as a block but it goes right through as if we did not even give command to block?
timing...... Silent nerf... or entire player base suddenly lost their ability to....

8) Gaming in android is impossible

PS: I have observed Dock ock's research, not breakthrough being nullified by Scarlet witch l1 and Dr.strange s counter spell. (Scaling effects are not regarded as neither active nor passive buffs) This is not a bug report but a doubt , So please dont take this one as a bug but do investigate it if possible.

Many of these issues has been observed by my alliance mates and many players also observed in reddit and youtube.
I hope you can pass this to development team, check these and fix whatever wherever needs to be. Keep up the good job and Thank you.

Device details:

Game version: one released on February 21.3
1) Redmi note 5
Android: 8.1.0 OPM 1.171019.019
MIUI : MIUI Global 10.0 Stable (OEGMIFH)
Data: Both WIFI (BSNL) , Mobile date (Jio Internet)

2) Realme C1
Android 8.1.0
Data: Both WIFI (BSNL) , Mobile date (Jio Internet)

If you need more info regarding device please let me know


  • Dark89PhoenixDark89Phoenix Posts: 162
    I have noticed a lot of this also. Especially incomplete light, medium attacks and more recently specials. Also, I have noticed that when dex a hit I’ll see ‘dexterity’ show on the screen but I’ll still get obliterated by the incoming attack. I believe a lot of these issues you have posted have been going on for some time but nothing is being addressed. I am very happy you have brought this to kabam’s attention.
  • OrdalcaOrdalca Posts: 515 ★★
    1a) Depending on the special, the first part can have multiple hits, with only a solid blow incapacitating the opponent for the full special. In your example with Mephisto, he has several flames which deal damage at slightly different ranges. If you don’t hit with all 3, the opponent can recover and block or evade the next portion. I have personally been on both sides of this.

    1b) Medusa and IMIW both have autoblock abilities which trigger even when they are stunned, let alone mid-special. In fact, Medusa’s Living strands ONLY occur mid-combo, since they trigger the autoblock on the second hit. Likely with IMIW, the first hit triggered either the 4th armor or the sub-15% armor on a duped one, and so the next hit was autoblocked.

    3) Stand your Ground absolutely can let you parry. I’ve done it several times. It’s just incredibly risky to do because you need to parry at the same time they release their heavy, and get the 50% or less chance SYG activates. However, if it activates, it cancels the block break portion of the heavy, making parries totally doable. Technically, you can parry anything that isn’t unblockable (or anything if your champ can block the unblockable). You just might not stun the opponent in all cases.
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