[BTHA] Behold! The Heroes... needs a few more heroes.

We are trying to get our alliance to be a little more competitive/active. We have 2 spots open now, but may be more if we need to weed out a little more dead weight. We were Silver 2 last season. Currently we are just over 11m rating. Run AQ 54444 for BG1 and map 3 for other BGs. If we can get a few more active members, we will probably run map 5 more often.

We are pretty laid back, but would like to get members to participate in AQ and AW a little more and that is why we need to recruit some members willing to participate.

We also use Line for communication.

So, as long as you can handle AQ map 3-5 and hold you own in AW, we will give you a shot. Check us out.

IGN and Line: ch1efster


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