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  • me too,why why why
  • we can’t login in from sixaclock in this morning,can anybody explain this?IOS player in China can’t login in,This is a serious matter and we really need a reasonable explanation,please!
  • MokkieMokkie Posts: 35
  • ZebartinZebartin Posts: 32
    OK~seems fixed
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    Thank God before WW3 got underway
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    Kabam,I loved you
  • lipscomb7lipscomb7 Posts: 14
    I switched to American apple ID and re-installed MCOC, using VPN of course, then I became the only one who can log in MCOC in China? why?
  • 乐乐桃乐乐桃 Posts: 1
    Is there any problem with it?just wait at picture of captain and not going.
  • ZebartinZebartin Posts: 32
    We need compensation on Arena and Alliance Quest.
    For AQ, it can be solved by reducing per quest energy recovery to half an hour.
  • 文蛊生文蛊生 Posts: 2

    Hey all, we are looking into this right now.

    Now it is GMT+8 11:30AM, we can't finish our allience quest today because of this issue. We need u to do something.
  • I agree what Zebartin said
  • Hey everybody,

    This issue should now be resolved. Please let us know if there are any further issues.
  • ZebartinZebartin Posts: 32

    Hey everybody,

    This issue should now be resolved. Please let us know if there are any further issues.

    Thanks for that, really appreciate it. But now we can hardly finish AQ today, so I think reducing per quest energy recovery to half an hour is necessary.
  • AboboAbobo Posts: 1
    please help check what the problem is.
  • jameslijamesli Posts: 6
    It is hard to finish AQ today, please make it to 30 mins timer
  • ZebartinZebartin Posts: 32
    edited March 16
    Most of my alliance members are CN players using iOS device, and they failed to log into the game for a long time, which leads to failing to complete AQ today.
    All we need is reducing time of recovering AQ energy.
    I have said that in the issue before but no GMs gave an answer, so I have to put up a new one.
  • ZebartinZebartin Posts: 32
    Besides, I am saying 'this morning' in GMT+8
  • loewy43loewy43 Posts: 1
    the server is still down!
  • mydnightmydnight Posts: 449 ★★
    I have a fix for u that works for me.

    1. Turn on ur VPN and let the game load.
    2. Turn off ur VPN. The game should load normally afterwards.

    It's best to try and play with the VPN off as it increases lag and glitches a lot. I've been having to do this to play the game in China for years. It just hangs for no reason but after loading once with the VPN, it seems to work again.
  • mydnightmydnight Posts: 449 ★★
    Ya. Hi. My VPN went down today and I couldn't play most of the day. Can we please get a fix or at least an acknowledgement on this years old problem?
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