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Who should I use to complete the Web Slinger challenge?

Awesomeness44Awesomeness44 Posts: 139
edited July 2017 in General Discussion
All champs at 4/40

Who should I use to complete the Web Slinger challenge? 23 votes

Duped Magik
General__RossYellsomezuffyXillymanmessKing_L0kiB34rAnonymous346 7 votes
Duped Star Lord
Etaki_LirakoiSpity68Fireballs5Nikskini7abo2aGhengisHanSonicEmpireProtocol8051MasterTroller42TheMageHunterAnonymouse53 11 votes
Duped Scarlet Witch
Gamerwizard365DeadpooldabestGalloFenix 4 votes
Duped Ms. Marvel
Unduped Hyperion
Suskanut 1 vote
Duped Storm
Duped Moon Knight
Duped Miles Morales


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    Jon8299Jon8299 Posts: 1,067 ★★★
    I'm using Duped Magik and Duped Cpt. America WWII for Vulture. Whoever you have that reduces defensive ability accuracy is who want for the Auto Evaders. Magik is also best for Sym. Spider-Man
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    NikskiniNikskini Posts: 237
    Duped Star Lord
    Duped Starlord, Gwenpool and Magik this 3 guys did the job for me
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    My only problem with those great suggestions is that I'm kinda missing those champs
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    djmindblazerdjmindblazer Posts: 76
    edited August 2017
    u need 3 champ lets say (agent venom magik hyperion)
    agent venom for classic spidey,miles morales,spider gwen
    magik for sym spidey
    hyperion for stark spidey hes good against vulture as well
    u can use such tactic also there is many other champs who can replace magik like dormamu vodoo psylock vision any1 who can control power. u can also replace agent venom with lets say widow,karnak,elektra,gwenpool any1 who can reduce either deffencivy ability or evade.hyperion can be cahnged as well any cosmic champ can do it for u drax and marvel both are great as well mainc thing is u need 1 champ who reduce ability acuricy 1 who can contorl power and 1 cosmic who have advantage on stark spidey not only class advantage but only comsic champs can shut down spideys AI with every hit (all other class need to use heavy to shut down AI) whitout AI up spidey can't evade specials and gets less evades overall that was my tactic and used almost nothing to beat it :)
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