Looking to merge or add a big group of players

Just had a group of 15 leave us without notice and poach members looking to do a merge or add a big group average member rating is 500k if interested add me on line to talk @FearlessLime

We are looking for a map 3/4 alliance or have a group join us that wants to run map 3/4 no donations


  • keshvinkeshvin Posts: 40
    Hey find us in game: tag SPA30
  • SmokeysandmanSmokeysandman Posts: 63
    Hey our merger fell thru and my core group of 15 made our own ally and are going to build off of it. Hit me up line id smokeysandman
  • DCG921DCG921 Posts: 54
    edited March 2019
    Hello All,
    We should create a Support Group... However I am in the same situation I have a core group of 15. We are Active, 100% AQ Undefeated. I did message you on line @FearlessLime .... my info below my line @psyche2119
  • Jestr54Jestr54 Posts: 344
    Same guys. Looking for about 10 guys myself.
  • I’ve got 3 people with multiple accounts (7 total) looking for new alliance. All highly ranked and skilled. We all have Line. Reach me at noam.chomsky
  • We got a group of 13 as well. Average member rating of 180k. We do map 3 as of now.
  • Cra88aCra88a Posts: 8
    Looking for up to 10/12 peeps. 5x5 and gold2. Find me on line or in game, same ID

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