Truly Chill Alliance Looking for Members

It’s not just a post title it’s how we live. That kinda makes it hard to retain members who say they’re laid back but end of leaving to chase rewards. We’ve been up and down, from 30 members running 2 map5 bgs to where we are now with 15 members running map3+map2x5 every AQ and AW once a week. Since map4 is now free we try to run at least one map4 bg in AQ. Hopefully we can expand to a second. We’re a tight knit group who enjoy each other as much or maybe even more than the game. We enjoy rewards but rewards aren’t everything. We’re all adults with lives outside the game but we’re active enough to keep a flow of alliance rewards coming in. Line is required for ease of communication but donations are not mandatory. If you’re looking for an experienced group with a truly laid back atmosphere check us out. My id on LINE and in game is- Umahero.


  • UmaheroUmahero Posts: 55
    Still looking
  • EpistriatusEpistriatus Posts: 644 ★★★
    Can't find you on Line, line id: Epistriatus. Ingame: Epicrates
  • UmaheroUmahero Posts: 55
    I found you both places. Messaged you on LINE
  • UmaheroUmahero Posts: 55
    Building it one member at a time if we have to. Spots available. Check us out.
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