Gold2 ally Looking for 2

Hi all! We are a fun 10.5+ million, gold2 alliance, Looking for 2 active players 200k+ with some decent experience.. We run 3 bgs in AW&AQ maps 4&5.. Line is required..

If interested add me in-game or Line
In-game name: Møțhą4ķŕ
Line ID: jhead518


  • J_Head518J_Head518 Posts: 38
    We are currently looking for 2 active members at the end of the season 8.. Still Gold 2 11mill ally, we run 54444 for 80M in AQ, Line is a must, No Donations.. Hit me up in game or Line.. My info is above
  • J_Head518J_Head518 Posts: 38
    We're still looking for 1 new member for after season 8!! Hit me up.. Info is above
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