Ghost Rider

So... In Ghost Rider's heavy attack judgement it says he life steals? Life steal champs like Rogue usually have that extra red damage when they do damage and then regen... Ghost Rider just does his regular attacks and regens and doesn't really get any damage boost... I'm not complaining as GR is already pretty powerful but just something I thought I'd note


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    I think Rogue is more an exception to the rule. When DS life steals there are no red numbers (it doesn’t deal extra damage). No other champs come to mind off the top of my head that life steals but every champ is different.
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    Rogue's sig ability gives her the chance to crit on life and power steal. That is why you see the red/orange colors on hers.
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    Morningstar also life steals I believe. Nevermind this post. Guess life steal just mean hit the opponent and gain health. Not really what i would call 'life stealing' but whatever lol. Life steal is more week if the opponent and strengthening you in my opinion. Thanks guys
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