Required OS vs Unsupported Devices (not the same thing ??)

With the upcoming end to support of iOS 8.x and below, and Android 4.3.1 and below, I also ran across a link you replied to someone's post regarding a “device not supported” message when trying to run game. Link is a list of “UNSUPPORTED DEVICES” (says last updated 10/16/2017). While other posts have included replied link to the DEVICE COMPATIBILITY (although that one is just the list of OS versions, not Devices).

I know that there are a ton of Android devices out there, and is hard to track them all, so will just point out an Apple case. IPad 4th Gen is able to run up to iOS v10.3.3, so supposedly able to still run next month according to the OS list. But that 4th Gen is listed on the UNSUPPORTED DEVICES list in the 2017 article detailing specific devices (it would still run for me as of last month when I last tried it, just really slow so bought a new one).

So is the Unsupported Devices list just saying what devices you are no longer testing as you make new game versions every month, although they may indeed still be able to run the game (albeit with slower and slower loading, or worst and worse lagging) ?? Or should those devices be excluded from the Required Device list in Apple Store (Apple can list both required devices as well as required OS to be able to download the game/updates)

Link to April “Ending OS Support” post (which includes like to Article listing required OS)...

Link to recent post regarding a Galaxy Note 4, Android 6.0.1, getting unsupported message loading game (which includes link to Article detailing “Unsupported Devices”), supported OS but unsupported Device...

Could you have a single Article that combines BOTH the required OS, as well as listing what devices are no longer supported. Or at least let people know when you send out updated OS requirement notices that even though a device may be running a supported OS that it might still be no longer supported as a device itself because of insufficient processor, memory, RAM, etc.
I think a lot of people are going to assume their device will continue to work so long as they are on a correct OS version (which is not true).


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    Just putting this out there for people to check not only their OS version, but also whether their Device is listed on the “Unsupported Device” list (and what exactly does that “device list” mean).

    **Kabam, what can we expect with the April 1st update in regards to Devices, even if they may technically meet the OS requirements ? Thanks in advance.
  • I'm gonna give you my example.

    I use an old android device, android 4.2.2. As you can see, it will be affected by this change, and I will not be able to play until I get a new device.
    However, somewhere around 2015 (some months after I started playing), during the ant-man and YJ update, my device was already not supporting the game. Meaning, I couldn't download or update it via playstore.
    And up until now, I was able to play the game. Of course, I can see why they decided to exclude my device, because since that day I have problems with specific things in the game, like specific champions crashing the game. Black Widow, Starlord, X-23, Bishop are just 4 of many top crashers in the game, that hurt you more if anything.

    On april, I suppose devices with an inferior OS will automatically deny the update, while other's that are on the list are still able to update, even though there will be specific problems that will never, ever be fixed
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    Do you think they will stop support for the iPad air, basically the iPad 5. Since they're moving away from the previous 4 iPads.
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    I would imagine over time they will certainly stop supporting the iPad Air.

    As technology progresses, and the games we play become more resource expensive, older technology simply cannot be supported. That is nothing new.

    Remember, however, that unsupported doesn’t mean won’t work (unless blocked at the store level with no way to get it). It means they won’t mess with it at all if you open a Support ticket.
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