This has to be a joke.. Help please (Dungeons)

Well I just started dungeons with somebody and went in with my 5* 5/65 Blade, 5* 4/55 Ghost Rider and a 4* 5/50 Hyperion. Before I even got into the room we were both kicked out and now whenever I press continue, its just redirects me to the home screen. I've tried restarting the game as well, didnt work.

Those are my best two champions; everyone else is comparatively weak. Now Im forced to wait out and watch those 10 minutes pass as im writing with the guy in the dungeons chat. Is there a way to refresh these champs?

And can we please revert the refresh timers to what they were before; having to wait that long to use them again is simply obnoxious.


  • StevieManWonderStevieManWonder Posts: 4,999 ★★★★★
    I had the exact same issue a few days ago. I sent a help ticket to Kabam with a video of what was happening. They didn't do anything and won't take your champs off cool down. RIP bro.
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