600k veteran looking for a suitable home

Looking for an alliance with strong activity and leadership running a mix of maps 3,4, and 5 in AQ scoring between 80-100 mil. gold 1 or 2 in War with assigned paths and defenders. Contact Drenlin in game or line app.


  • simolazsimolaz Posts: 185
    We should be perfect for your interests:
    • AQ5x5 during offseason and AQ4x5 during season.
    • Very very low donation.
    • AW Gold 1, assigned defenders, assigned paths.

    The only issue I can see comes from the external chat. We use Telegram instead of Line, but I think that it can be solved in a matter of seconds, don’t you?
  • Mattman3000Mattman3000 Posts: 14
    15 mil alliance, map 5x5 AQ, gold 2 knocking on the door for gold 1 again. Active and needing one. Come on over. Tag is (LIFE+) name Live Fee or Die. Perfect fit
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