Howard the duck, Map 7 node 110 bugged.

Thunderquack is kicking in while he’s already stunned. The node has Slumber, so he’s stunned for the first 15 seconds. I had plenty of time left on the timer when Thunderquack triggered and killed me while he was still stunned. I’ll post a vid on day 1 next week. Might want to look at that degen too, because it was insanely strong.


  • It's only supposed to be disabled when you stun him sometime after the "processing" text appears
  • MuzzMuzz Posts: 124
    To add a little clarity... It seemed as though the 1000% attack boost was active before the stun wore off and that’s why the degen from ThunderQuack was death in 2 seconds.
  • MuzzMuzz Posts: 124
    Okay, so he should still be able to proc it while he’s stunned. I can accept that. Now about that 1000% attack BEFORE the Slumber timer is up. It shouldn’t be that way should it? That makes that fight a 50/50 chance of getting wrecked for no reason.
  • It shouldn't, yeh. That I can't comment about
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