AQ and AW Fight Timers

Everyone knows that a fight in AQ or AW is 3 min.

Well, that's not correct. The timer for the fight starts as soon as the animation for the fight begins. So while the fight "starts" with 3 min on the timer, the fight itself actually starts at, roughly, 2:56, not 3:00. This means we lose, roughly, 3.7- 4 seconds worth of valuable fight time.

Why does this matter? Well, as a member of a multinational alliance, sometimes we have to fight nodes that are still linked because there is no other option. An extra 3.7- 4 seconds worth of time can make the difference in a fight where the opponent is linked with a "+300% Health" node.

Why am I writing about this just now you ask? When the fights in AQ and AW would reach the end-time of 0:00, there used to be a 1- 2 second delay before the fight actually ended, which was a nice compromise to allow us a little extra time to make up for what was lost at the beginning of the fight during the "running" scene. Unfortunately, someone decided to cut that 1- 2 seconds after the 0:00 mark with an abrupt "time-out" message at the 0:00 mark.

Could be corrected to allow us a WHOLE 3 min fight in AQ and AW? I think it is wrong for fights to be labeled as 3 minutes, just for the reality to be a fight lasting only 2:59 min. Make sure to hit that Like button or comment


    Been 24 hours... does no one else feel that we should get those 4 seconds back?
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