Audio Bug When Destoying Objects During Defeat

While I do not have a video of this, I have noticed today since the update, the audio during fights sounds very muted (and the fight volume is maxed) and that whenever you defeat an opponent (or they defeat you) near the map edge and destroy whatever object is there, when you go into win/loss screen, there is the sound of what I can only describe as the clopping of a horse’s hooves during the screen and disappears if you leave the screen.

Can I be honest here, Kabam. Do you bother to thoroughly test your updates before you bring them out? Because with every update, you bring out more and more bugs every time. Seems to me that you seriously need to take more time testing this stuff and making sure you get all the bugs out. I haven’t seen a game that is so plagued with bugs like this one is.

Anyway, I digress. The above issue is something that needs to be addressed and soon, because both the sound and the audio glitch is very annoying.


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    DOA40DOA40 Posts: 94
    Edit: I would like to clarify that the muted sound seems to only happen when you are striking an opponent and the audio glitch happens on certain maps, like Strange’s study.
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