AW - can anybody tell me why this killmonger instantly went to 3 bars?

My nebula just got destroyed by this defending killmonger in AW and I can’t figure out why... as soon as the fight started, killmonger went to 3 bars of power and threw his sp3. I didn’t get a hit off. I only had time to parry once, which transferred 10 shock charges (proximal synergy). I’m not sure if he started at 3 bars or gained them when I parried.

The node has strikeback, but that shouldn’t have triggered since I didn’t throw a special. Also, poison/bleed immunity incoming but that shouldn’t factor in either.

I’m wondering if there is some interaction I am not aware of, or if this is bug with the new update? I’m scared to attack again and lose another champ if it repeats.


  • BendyBendy Posts: 618 ★★
    Any added debuff gives him power from his parry so them 10 shocks plus parry is what gave him sp3
  • Ffm1899Ffm1899 Posts: 1
    Killmonger gains 15% power per Debuff.
    10*15% = SP3

    Just read his abilities..
  • Thanks, yeah I just read his description more closely and saw the same thing. I’ve honestly never noticed that come into play before. Ah, well... live and learn.
  • xNigxNig Posts: 3,463 ★★★★
    That’s cause you used Nebula, started with 10 shocks, parried him to transfer all 10 over and he power gained 10x. 😊
  • 2Pac4Sure2Pac4Sure Posts: 2
    This happened to me too. Thought it was weird. Good thing the alliance was tanking and it was only a 2* Killmonger I was up against.
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