Unable to connect SP2 after combo (Iron Man, Superior Iron Man)

I am trying to do a 5-hit combo and immediately throw an Sp2 once it is built up, a fairly common rotation. For champions where Sp2 takes a while to connect like Iron Man and Superior Iron Man, the Sp2 does not hit. I have tested this in Arena and Duel against multiple champs. Everyone blocks after the 5th hit of the Combo and the Sp2 does not connect. The defender registers a "Parry" against the contact of the Sp2 beam.

I am absolutely confident that this is a recent issue. I am on an Android device (OnePlus 6T) and have started seeing the issue since the past day when I updated to the April update for new events.


  • gahrlinggahrling Posts: 178

    The only other time this is happening to me is with Hulk's SP1 which seems wildly inconsistent as a combo ender.
  • Leiva_darkLeiva_dark Posts: 292
    edited April 2019
    same here, try to finish combo with weak blow and medium hit in both options these champions do not connect their specials:
    -hulk sp1
    -redhulk ​​sp1 and sp2 (most notorious sp2)
    -airon man sp1 and sp2 (most notorious sp2)
    -airon man superior sp1 and sp2 ( most notorious sp2)
    tested in sand and missions
    Samsung s7 wifi-data android 6.0 latest version of the game.
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