Last Day Intel Rewards not awarded

Hey Kabam

As per the calendar 120 intel units were to be awarded today as it was the last day..however the intel rewards for today have not been credited and the tab is missing.

Kindly look into it and get it fixed.


  • This happened to alot of people including me.
  • 03.04.19 in the weekly calendar was only one day for entry,the prize was 120 razvetdannyh,days I have never missed.04.04.19 when I entered the game I got 120 razvetdannyh,I think this is a mistake,because I wanted them to spend on a stone of awakening 5 star 4900 explored I'd already got.
  • Hey there, the Intel calendar was up for an extra day yesterday so that players could still have a chance to get the full calendar rewards, even if they had updated to the previous version of the game after their calendar rewards had payed out for that day. The extra day yesterday was supposed to be the last day to gain Intel from the calendar, though it did push some players into a new week of Intel calendar showing up.
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