THE OTH3R'S, AQ Focus, MAP 5 (100M+), Optional AW, LOOKING FOR 1


The OTH3R's are looking to recruit 1 Active member.

We have recently switched to a AQ focus alliance with optional War (2BG's). We did this as Act 6 and cavalier crystals have changed the meta of the game.

We feel that the season rewards up to Gold 1 are not worth the stress and resources anymore and are better spent on Story/EQ/Champ rankups/Cavalier crystals etc.

We would like you to be at least Uncollected (Act 5 completion preferred) & above 300K PI.

We can make an exception if you have a good 5 star roster and are struggling to get the rank up materials as we can get you those easily with AQ rewards.

Above all, we value loyalty and participation.

We are a 11.8M stable, helpful and active AQ focus alliance with some very experienced and skilled players.

Map 554x5 in AQ (100M+ every week)
Season 8 - Gold 2 (Tiers 6-9)
Low donations
No event minimums.

Line is Mandatory for communication.

HMU in-game or line - Trickiter


  • Ajc10Ajc10 Posts: 74
    Join us now!
  • TrickiterTrickiter Posts: 61
    Still looking. Need 2 more to join a solid ally as a few of our members have RL commitments.
    Contact Trickiter In game or line.
  • TrickiterTrickiter Posts: 61
    Still looking for 2.
    Join us and be part of a amazing and experienced ally that crushes events and AQ and has no minimums
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