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You will be able to purchase Revives from the Loyalty tab in the Store Menu.

Looking for an AQ focused ally

Pretty much what it says, getting burned out of aw, would much rather just focus on aq and trying to 100% act 5,


  • Gladiator2014Gladiator2014 Posts: 283
    Hi there butters255. Our sister alliance, [Dos34], has available spots and would welcome you to join our family with open arms. In our sister alliance, the focus is on AQ. Many of the accounts in it are still growing as we welcome all active players, including those new to the game or vets seeking a slower pace to enjoy the game. We aim for 100% completion in all 3 BGs, playing a combination of Maps 3, 2, and 1 in assigned BG on assigned routes. We are pushing on 15 M PEAK milestone this week. War is optional in our alliance. We usually run 1-BG war for those teammates that are interested in participating for fun and getting the additional rewards to grow. The one key rule in war is that, even though it's optional, if you sign up, you must join the offensive phase and help fight.

    There are no donations. No event minimums. We figure that if you are active, the numbers will take care of itself. We do use Telegram, as our communication app, and that is required.

    Our main alliance, [1Dos3], is currently full, or otherwise we would welcome you to join it. Our main alliance is also AQ focused with optional war participation like the sister alliance. However, it's a little bit faster pace than the sister alliance, in that it is putting up close to 70 M points each week running all 3 BGs completing them at 100% doing Maps 5, 4, and 3. With either alliances, the philosophical approach is the same, and that is life outside this game is more important and this is just a game. Communication is key, with respect to availability to help out AQ. If a prolonged absence is required, then the sister alliance is available to play at a slower pace. We value friendship and camaraderie as we help each other improve and enjoy this game.

    Anyway, if the sister alliance is an option that you would be interested in so that you can work on Act 5, please join us. I can be reached in-game as gladiator2014 to send an invite. Once a spot opens up in the main alliance, you would definitely be welcome to join it.
  • AngverineAngverine Posts: 72
    hi butters255, have sent u a message. thanks.
  • TacoDougTacoDoug Posts: 138
    Hey man. We’re AQ only running 4x5 if you’re interested. Hit me up on line. Kungpaomatthew
  • DaBillsDaBills Posts: 559
    Hey Butter. We focus on AQ. We usually run one bg in war and it is optional. We are recruiting to replace a bg we lost. We were running map 5 all day but decided to run 4 until we are full. At 18 now running 2 groups. Been together since 2015, strong core group of players. I sent you a friend request in game or you can contact me in game or on line at DaBills. Thanks.
  • Vipul9987Vipul9987 Posts: 45
    @butters255 i sent you friend request in game from CALL_ME_DADDY. we are AQ focused ally war is very rare and not compulsory
  • gforcefangforcefan Posts: 324 ★★
    My alliance needs to fill one spot that is about to open up. We run two groups of 5x5 and one group of 5x3. AW does not happen too often and is optional. We are laid back. No yelling or fights. We do require the line app to communicate for quests. send me a message or on line app @gforcefan
  • cowgirlup80cowgirlup80 Posts: 110
    edited April 2019
    Our requirements:
    Be active and participate in alliance events.

    Be active and participate in AQ. We are running Map 4-3-2 x 5. Moving toward Map 4-4-3 x 5. *No donations required*

    Alliance war is 1st come, 1st served.
    Only 2 BGs in each AW

    Line app is required!

    250k+ rating players.

    No activity for 3 days w/o notice and you will be removed from the alliance. Real life takes precedent with us. All we ask, is to let leadership know.

    And above all have fun. This is a game after all.

    Message me in game or LINE.

    IGN: SCcowgirl80
    LINE: cowgirlup80
  • DocBDocB Posts: 141
    @DaBills is that the Buffalo Bills?
  • Woody141082Woody141082 Posts: 161
    What maps are you interested in running??
  • DaBillsDaBills Posts: 559
    @DocB yep! Love my Bills :)
  • DocBDocB Posts: 141
    They make it hard sometimes @DaBills lol. At least I think we finally have a decent QB
  • ShankingtonShankington Posts: 61
    Hi Butters, I have a 10 mill rated Ally. We run 3x BG AQ

    BG1 33332
    BG2 54443
    BG3 55533

    We get 60 mill rewards each week because we 100% each BG. We are looking to go higher.

    AW is optional.

    3 day events are usually rank rewards. SA is 400-500k.

    Line is essential.

    Message me via Line if interested:ID is 4each2

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