Act 6 rewards!

I've been waiting for hours where no awards have ever come.


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    I just finished my expo on 6.1 and ABSOLUTELY nothing yet? This is crazy.. trying to get it done so i can r5 another champ for Aq start and guess what.. 6.1 is 100% and all i got was a checkmark?. Fix this asap please
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    Shouldnt be an issue. This insane.
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    Sure, it shouldn't. But it is. This happens more often than you'd think, even in bigger games.
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    When is it going to be okay? 🤔 @Kabam Miike
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    same here guys...explore Act6.1 100% but no rewards... very sad.
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    Same here... no rewards.... It’s getting old with kabaam... we have to put up with all their regular BS and now even rewards are bugged... freaking annoying... takes the good part of beating the content...
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    Yeah there’s an announcement that it’s a known issue. I Busted a gut to get Cavalier and no rewards or cavalier crystal in sight. But typically it’s very vague and there’s no mention of timeframe for a resolution or how high on the priority list it is.

    I would be holding off on doing any major high end content until they fix this despite what Kabam says.

    Sooo many bugs may as well call this the Hydra 22.1 update... fix one bug and 6 more shall take its place...
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    If you only completed Cavalier today, the new crystal will only appear after the next calender day begins. So in about 30 minutes I believe.
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    No I did it 24 hours ago
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    I have rebooted over a dozen times too and cavalier doesn’t appear it still just says uncollected

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    Well see what happens in about 15 minutes. Maybe it'll tick over. If not just another bug to add to the list of 22.1.
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    Nope still no Cavalier calendar etc grr
  • I too complete Act 6 Chapter 1 - 16 hours ago. I have rebooted many time. No title Cavalier, rewards, new crystals, new calendar, ABSOLUTELY nothing. please fix it.
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    My case is same, I was waiting for 12 hours but still no rewards
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    I talked with Kabam over support. They're working on it.
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    Same for me alas, all I want is another crack at nick fury !
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    Complete bs. I did it with hopes of dumping iso into champs the rewards would have given me. Now that all had to be sold. Had a knock on effect on so many other things. We deserve something for not being able to enjoy what was earned at the time it was earned.
  • Surely by now we should have has an update, every 4 hours we are missing. A potential crystal. What is the point putting the effort and time if we don’t get our completion rewards. I agree we need compensation for the lost time and wasted uncollected crystals.
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    A member of my ally just completed 6.1 today and got all the chapter rewards so the issue may have been fixed. But they’ll still need to back and issue the retro rewards to those of us that didn’t get them
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    @Kabam Miike @Kabam Zibiit @Kabam Lyra @Kabam Lyra @Kabam Mauve
    Our awards were said to be corrected within 24 hours, but still no reward! I hope you send us little gifts for your mistake.
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    Been 24 hours since I completed act 6. Still nothing.
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    I'm at 36 hours with nothing that's 9 missed 4hr Cav crystals and one we get those rewards too?
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    We want a cavalier crystal 😊
  • Hey everyone!

    We understand the frustration that this issue may have caused, but we are currently investigating into the issue. Do not worry though, everyone should receive their rewards that were missed! We appreciate your patience with this matter!
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