Time to talk about it....the bugs

Not trying to bash kabam or put them down..clearly they have a lot of work cut of for them with these issues..but..I want to discuss the process leading up to an update Release...it takes us as players minutes to identify all the bugs in the game..what do you guys do on your end pre release to see what issues we may face...sentinel bug..AI triggering special while hitting into their block..dash back punish not work like before just to name a few...I don’t even want to talk compensation at this point because in order to be compensated the issues need to be fixed first


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    The team does its best to identify and resolve issues before updates are released, but it is the nature of a game this large and with so many possible interactions that some issues may arise. We are doing our best to investigate and sort them out as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience while we do so. Please keep an eye on the Known Issues thread for any updates on ongoing issues.
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