Omega spores falling off faster?

Has anyone noticed this? Vid by Proff Hoff.



  • Noob2435Noob2435 Posts: 579
    I actually have, I thought I was just going crazy and they have always been like that.
  • Same here. Did some testing myself after ranking him up.
  • WHOz_R4GEWHOz_R4GE Posts: 101
    @Lormif it is my video and I replicated the same distance as Brian. You can see I hold block from the SP2 and through it just like BG. How is my distance different? Any input is appreciated because I have been running Omega at 5:65 since November and can safely say I have farmed WS over 200 times and my spores never dipped below 21 and now they are. Thanks for assistance.

  • WHOz_R4GEWHOz_R4GE Posts: 101
    And here is the comparison spores drop rate from BG. You can see the spore difference to mine.

  • MMCskippyMMCskippy Posts: 299
    The bigger problem is a BS game mechanic that helps to sell a champ as being the next high damage champ that can be affected based on something in the code. I've felt that his spores are coming off ridiculously fast compared to how fast the spores come off of ME when I'm attacking against OR.

    It seems like all it takes is a dex for the AI to shrug off most of the spores on them if they haven't been locked in. The AI's continuing advancement of dex'ing in situations humans can't replicate unless they're using a controller instead of the touch screen makes this even more frustrating.
  • RobinfifthRobinfifth Posts: 56
    I am noticing the exact same thing while running the uncollected event quest. If I Dex half my spores are gone before I can dash back.
  • I'll take this to the team for investigation.
  • Bidzy7Bidzy7 Posts: 136
    i have also noticed spores seem to fall faster and sometimes more then 1 fall off at the same time it seems.

    @WHOz_R4GE did you try the same fight without ST and seeing if maybe the synergy is broken ?
    i.e. with ST and Without ST you end up at the same number of spores after WS sp2 ?
  • webtswxwebtswx Posts: 193
    noticed this too. this definitely has to do with the bigger issue of framerate change since the last update. the way the distance between OR and opponent is calculated is definitely different.

    similar framerate distance-related issues also include (as many have already brought up and shown examples): 1.hitting into block and get countered by specials; 2. last hits of heavy not landing (ghost and blade); 3. specials not landing (for instance, omega red sp2's last two hits); 4. not being able to chain specials. etc., etc.
  • ChuckiesolChuckiesol Posts: 36
    An update would be nice, it'll be 2 weeks tomorrow since Kabam Miike acknowledged.
  • DkutctghDkutctgh Posts: 193
    They can deny it all they want but the spores definitely are falling off faster
  • LormifLormif Posts: 1,014

    Can we finally acknowledge that Omega is broken???

    1. Spores fall off faster.
    2. Are slower to build.
    3. His death field is completely broken as seen here:

    With his death field active and being close to SG, he can't even build spores past 10

    4....and..Omega is taking bleed damage even though he should be healing

    What a joke! Not a fair way to treat customers. It's no wonder players are falling off faster than Omega's spores.

    if that is an enhanced bleed node then he does not mitigate that damage.
  • LormifLormif Posts: 1,014

    Also..enhanced bleed node or not...Omega reduces bleed damage by 90% and if you have 1 point in coagulate, it reduces bleed damage by 10% totaling 100%, so he should never suffer damage from any bleeds.

    Omega + willpower + 1 point in coagulate = 0 damage from bleed

    enhanced bleed is applied after OR lowers bleed damage, therefore enhanced bleed always causes damage.
  • Gambl0rGambl0r Posts: 132
    Damn I thought I was alone. Noticed this several days ago too. Even with the Sabertooth synergy, it's just ticks down as if there were no synergy at all.
    Hopefully it gets amended, he's a real fun aggressive character to use
  • vertiGovertiGo Posts: 5
    I've been checking in every time you post on the off chance it's a mod reply. Unfortunately I've not long since pulled him so can't say for certain if they're dropping off faster or not though.
  • Bidzy7Bidzy7 Posts: 136
    OR is broken in a lot of ways atm, and issues have been reported. Just kabam are really slow to respond or even acknowledge in some cases its being looked at.
    OR also has issues with his sp2 final hit not connecting so AI punishes you.
    He also seems to eat a lot more specials from blocks then other champs.
    his 90% bleed doesn't apply to all bleeds (enhanced bleed is a special bleed where he only reduces the base bleed) even though he is a anti-bleed champion (Kabam's words not mine).

    Also with things like this that are niche to a particular champion only the people who play him will complain and sometimes those people don't come to the forums.
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