Need a break from the 5x5 grind? 14 mil alliance looking

[IFC18] Ironfisticuffs is looking for a solid player to join our family! We're losing a boss killing vet to retirement, and would love to find a worthy replacement to fill his shoes.

We are a group of vets who are taking a step back from the map5 & upper tier AW grind.

It's a goldilocks alliance for those who aren't quite ready to put the game down, are looking for a place that is Story / Event quest friendly, or are in need of a donation free environment to call home.

*Only things we're firm on; Line App is required, and AW participation is a must. We'd like to maintain a Gold 2 placement.

*We run AQ map 2 & 3. Small potatoes, but you can use your top champs for other aspects of the game. (Still have to participate in AQ though)

*No donations.

*We don't have event minimums, just do what you can, if you can.

*Must be able to clear your line in a tier 8-10 war.

If you or someone you know might be interested, feel free to contact me!

In game name is: -Mags-
Line ID is: Limitedcontact


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