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Bounty mission disappearing

A couple of times now since the new update yesterday, I've waited until the current bounty ended, then opened an antimatter crystal, the mission might be available for a few minutes, but then disappeared, forcing someone else to start one again afterwards because it only allows you to open one crystal every 8 hours. Was just wondering if anyone else was experiencing the same problem


  • It happened again. I started a bounty at 5:31pm, at 6:19pm it showed we didn't have an active bounty and someone else had to start another one. And we got the message saying a bounty ended but with no bonus rewards because it was only active for 47 minutes or less
  • Ace_QuillAce_Quill Posts: 57
    It has happened to our alliance every mission for the past week

  • It just keeps happening
  • It's happening to our entire alliance too. Every day, multiple times a day, and since they're cut short after an hour or so, we're unable to get 10 people into them sometimes. It's annoying.

    Leader sent a support ticket and support told us that we all had to force close our apps, delete and redownload the game, and that will fix it. Even though it was reported before 23.0 and is still happening after. suuuure, Kabam, it's us 29 people, and not your game. Suuuure.
  • RookM1RookM1 Posts: 46
    Yup, same here...just dismissed it and moved on, I mean at this point I don't expect anything to work right in this game.
  • Still happening too. 5 disappeared yesterday. There responses from support are a joke, and everyone in my alliance is getting fed up. Our entire alliance is calling this a last straw and we're all dipping to Retirement Land after this.

    Maybe a mod can help us out since support is not. @Kabam Zibiit @Kabam Miike @Kabam Lyra
  • It's still not right. I waited 30 minutes after the previous one expired to make sure there was no overlap in timers. Expired immediately
  • Thekiller8967Thekiller8967 Posts: 290 ★★
    edited May 2019
    I'm assuming you're able to complete it once since you said you can't get 10 people in right? Sounds more like a gift than a curse lol. I'd take the 325 extra 5* over the 50 you get from 10 people.
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