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Nameless Thanos safeguard bug

Well i am now trieing to do like this thanos for 30 min and all my dmg is capped from begining to 2.7k, sp2 sp3 with capt iw 5 star rank5 is doing only 2.7k dmg even crits. I even tried to relaunch the game and nothing happens, when you gonna fix this? Safeguard launches only from 65% till 30% noo from 100% dam it


  • endryuendryu Posts: 66
    Hallo, why no reply? I am the only one who has this problem? I tried today and the same thing happens, 2.7k max dmg after 95% why? If it should be only after 60% stage
  • endryuendryu Posts: 66
    yes and my 5 star rank 5 captain iw is making 0 dmg on final phase, even when idestructable is off, good job
  • cradlemancradleman Posts: 84
    We have like 4 posts about this now. But you are not alone.

  • endryuendryu Posts: 66
    well very nice, only way how i could deafeat thanos is intercepting all the time and doing some dmg in first second, he is dead now and that would be good if i atleast get the compensation of the 50% items i spent to do this buged ****.
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