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Who did you use for RoL (Other than SL)

X_Factor_AgentX_Factor_Agent Posts: 2,860 ★★★★★
I'd like to see some crazy answers out here. Who'd you use for RoL!?
I personally used X23 and guillotine.
If I were to do it again (Now that i have better champs) I'd use Domino and void


  • FhfjghhggggjfhfjgFhfjghhggggjfhfjg Posts: 4,492 ★★★★★
    edited April 2019
    I used gwenpool and sw for most fights, rhulk for sw and yondu for wolvie
  • WrathfulRavenWrathfulRaven Posts: 74
    Spark, Domino, Cap IW, and Hyp are all champs I’ve used in RoL. I did use Guilly for wolverine the first time I beat it. I’ve beaten it a lot when I farm potions I get bored of the same few fights over and over so sometimes I’ll just do the whole run.
  • GreekhitGreekhit Posts: 2,552 ★★★★★
    edited April 2019
    I solo it with a 5/50 4* ROGUE all fights except the wolvie fight that I used a 4/40 4* AA. Fights took long but u won’t use any revives for sure and u are not forced to be concentrated in fight. In my opinion the safest choice. X23 is a good choice with high damage output but her regen is not descent as it depends on rng.
  • SlimeballSlimeball Posts: 340 ★★
    edited April 2019
    x23 4/40, dr strange for wolvie
  • ẞlооdẞlооd Posts: 1,983 ★★★★
    Mainly Sabretooth for the basic fights, I think I used Blade for SW, and Doc Oc for Wolvie.
  • Duke_SilverDuke_Silver Posts: 2,421 ★★★★
    4/40 X-23 for most fights, 4/40 Guillotine for Wolverine, and 4/40 Nebula for SW
  • Frivolousz21Frivolousz21 Posts: 436 ★★★
    AA 5/50 awakened - 75 percent of fights
    Hyperion 5/50 - awakened - a couple fights
    Blade 3/45 - 2 fights
  • buffajrbuffajr Posts: 412 ★★
    4/40 unawakened wolverine, 4/40 vision, and a 3* guillotine
  • AhitlawAhitlaw Posts: 2,123 ★★★★
    Venom the duck and guilly
  • TheLegendzPlayTheLegendzPlay Posts: 31
    edited April 2019
    5/50 Medusa (Duped)
    5/50 Archangel (unduped)
    5/50 Iron Man IW (duped)
    3/45 wasp (unduped)
    1/10 black bolt (for medusa synergy)

    i did this right after i got 5 star wasp from the gwen pool goes to the movies 5 star crystals due to my love for the champ and her heal reversal (took down wolvie quite quickly). used 2 revives in total.
  • Savio444Savio444 Posts: 1,781 ★★★★
    4* Wolverine, drax and guilitine. Can’t remember the rest. Used wolverine for most of it. Drax was my only rank 5 I remember. So many easier options nowadays.
  • Mathking13Mathking13 Posts: 988 ★★★
    I brought in
    - Wolverine (main, 4/40 dupe 39)
    - Winter Soldier (backup, 2/35 unduped with KM synergy)
    - Void (5/50 sig ~80 for RoL Wolverine)
    - Hulk (4/40 duped for Scarlet Witch)
    - Killmonger (4* 4/40 unduped mainly for synergies)

    I used Wolverine for Winter Soldier, Captain Marvel, Juggernaut, Rhino, Storm, Black Panther, and around 60% of Black Bolt.
    Void was used for Vision and Wolverine.
    I finished off Black Bolt with Killmonger after Wolverine died from BB clipping me.
    I used Hulk to beat up Scarlet Witch. Willpower probably saved me on a few instances there.
    Winter Soldier finished off the challenge by beating up Hulk.
    And cause of that, I didn't use a single revive on RoL

    Now, when I go in to farm potions, I use either Wolverine (maybe soon going to 5/50?) or Spidergwen (currently 3/45 unduped, planning to take her to 4/55 and eventually 5/65).

    And I think I'm gonna try using Spidergwen to finish off the easy path of LoL. She's fun to play, what can I say?
  • Savio444Savio444 Posts: 1,781 ★★★★
    Savio444 said:

    4* Wolverine, drax and guilitine. Can’t remember the rest. Used wolverine for most of it. Drax was my only rank 5 I remember. So many easier options nowadays.

    Still got some of my old screen shots. That rhino took all day.
  • Dexman1349Dexman1349 Posts: 3,060 ★★★★★
    The only ROL screenshot I have is a 484 hit KO of Winter Soldier with 4* X23. I believe it was the first time I soloed him back in October 2017. Ended up completing it in January 2018 and I honestly have no idea who I used to do it aside from Guilly for the Wolvie fight.
  • Duke_SilverDuke_Silver Posts: 2,421 ★★★★
    Also if you have Medusa plus at least one rank in despair, she can do all of ROL.
  • BigdogbobBigdogbob Posts: 125
    edited April 2019
    I beat ROL in August of 2015 so the available list of champs was very limited. My main champs were r4 duped wolverine, r4 duped captain America and r3 unduped doctor strange. Wolverine made pretty much all of the fights easy but tedious. Just get to max power and then slug it out. Don’t use specials and count on regen to keep you alive. Cap was perfect against black bolt and he threw in some work against hulk. DS was exclusively for wolverine. Screen shot of stats vs rhino using wolverine.

  • B_Dizzle_01B_Dizzle_01 Posts: 1,637 ★★★
    I’ve done it with blade sparky Aegon. I farm sometimes with AA also.
  • EpistriatusEpistriatus Posts: 1,245 ★★★★
    3* 4/40 SL
    3* 4/40 DS
    4* 3/30 DS
    3* 4/40 SW
    3* 4/40 BW > for Wolvie
  • Archit_Tandon498Archit_Tandon498 Posts: 325 ★★
    I did it before 12.0 , sw and crit team ftw.
  • PerfectExamplePerfectExample Posts: 26
    Scarlet Witch, before 5*s came out.
  • NinjaWarrior99NinjaWarrior99 Posts: 340
    all 4* SW, DS, wolverine
    pretty sure DS was 4/40
    long time ago
  • DonDudu2809DonDudu2809 Posts: 348 ★★
    I did my first ever run in aprox 1 hour with only one revive and about 10 heals using:
    -5/50 dupe 99 Starky (about 200 hits per fight)
    -4/40 unawakened Carnage for Vision, Rhino(350 hits but his specials have a lot of hits)
    -3/45 unawakened SpiderGwen(postbuff) for Juggs and Scarlet witch (300 hits)
    -3 star maxed out sig 28 Void for Wolvie( aprox 110 hits)
    -i think i used 1/10 Green Gob for synergies.
    I also made kills there with 4 40 Gwenpool in about 450 hits.
    5 50 Domino with Flaming trinity in 180 hits.
    2/35 Ghost in 240 hits.
    4/40 Sentinel 400 hits.
    Also 4 40 Heimdall 600 hits...
    I hope it was some interesting info for you ;)
  • ShrimkinsShrimkins Posts: 1,479 ★★★★
    Did my first run with a 4/40 dr strange.
  • Asto03Asto03 Posts: 36
    I used 5/50 Medusa with inhuman royal family synergy and guilotine.
  • AnkalagonnAnkalagonn Posts: 535 ★★
    Stark Spidey 5* 4/55 Unduped
    Miles Morales 4* 3/30 duped - for sinergy
    Blade 4* 5/50 duped - for Sinergy
    Void 4* 5/50 duped - For Wolverine
    KM 5* 3/45 unduped - for sinergy tol help Void against Wolverine

    On my last fight I lost Spidey, and then I just thrown the rest of the champs and I call it a day
  • Marri_2Marri_2 Posts: 577 ★★★
    First time:

    3* dupe Starlord
    3* uduped Guillotine
    4* Magneto
    4* BB
    3* Cyclops

    Time: 2 weeks (Wolve was a nightmare, couldn't get Guilly to work)
    Revives: 20 (17 on Wolve)
    Hardest hit: I wasn't good enough to focus on anything but fighting lol

    Second time:
    4* 5-50 sig 99 SW
    4* Storm
    4* Wolve
    3* Mags
    4* Mags

    Time: 90 minutes including shower break
    Revives: 0
    SW hardest hit: 94k SP2 in Cap Marvel fight.

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