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There Needs to Be More Gold

Adrian_Ø2Adrian_Ø2 Posts: 12
edited May 2019 in Suggestions and Requests
Is there any reason why Kabam can't add Gold Realms/Halls of Fortune to the game permanently? Or at least on a weekly rotation? There is no way to gain huge amounts of Gold apart from Variant and Act 6, which are not for everyone. (And those already completing those content, probably Gold is not their problem). With the increasing amount of 5* shards there should be at least a good amount of Gold for them to be used on. For the past 3 months all my R4 5*s and R3 5*s I needed to save Gold for weeks to get them up there, which sucks it doesn't give you freedom to level up champs that you just want to play around with.


  • SuvenduSuvendu Posts: 177
    Dungeons gives around 500k gold each month.. And its easy to play..
  • MrSchwolfMrSchwolf Posts: 3
    @Suvendu Arena gives even more gold within a month but it's tideous and no one should be expected to grind for countless hours just to have enough gold to level up your champs.
    The amount of gold we are getting hasn't changed in like forever and it's time to get some change in that matter.
  • SuvenduSuvendu Posts: 177
    @MrSchwolf i do agree that arena takes so much time.. But doing 3 milestones in all arenas and dung every month takes so less time and total monthly gold should be enough for free to play players..

    Its either spend money or spend time wisely.. Kabam is a company, looks for profit yes but to be honest still they gave free to players alots of potential for playing/enjoying the game.

    Its human nature that most of us never satisfied no matter how much we get for free.. Most of us always seeking for more free stuffs and shortcuts..

    You may not agree with me... Do not take my statement personally... 😇
  • ZuroZuro Posts: 2,023 ★★★★★
    Halls of fortune comes in December because it’s a anniversary based quest since the game was made in December 2014
  • SlimeballSlimeball Posts: 340 ★★
    +1 on add gold realm permanently
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